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Whether you used by the favour of IP-telephony(Skype) for the receipt of consultative services from the specialists of bank
Yes, more than 10 times
Yes, to 10 times
While it is not, will take advantage of later
No, and not may need

Charge cards

PJSS "CB "Investbank" offers to the enterprises, organizations and private entrepreneurs to take advantage of pay cards of the international pay system MasterCard International for Your business maintenance.

By a corporate plastic card you will be able to optimize an account and control above representative charges, burden and other economic costs, to provide round-the-clock access to the account and independence from the mode of bank operations.

Giving out a corporate card to the trusted person, you will facilitate to the employee finding in the business trip, will provide the unimpeded receiving of cash, necessary for the commodities purchase or payment of services necessary to organization within the limits of sum settled by the National bank of Ukraine, and which on the state on 1.04.2005 amounts 10 thousand of UAH with one enterprise (by the subject of entrepreneurial activity) htr day. Amount of enterprises (subjects of entrepreneurial activity), which calculations during a working day are carried out with, is not limited.

Having a corporate card, you can without problems pay shot cashless for the acquired goods and rendered services.

In addition, we invite to collaboration enterprises of auction-service network, which wish to promote the competitiveness and go out on the world level of business. Becoming partner of PJSS "CB "Investbank" on the reception to payment of pay cards of the international pay systems, you can get new clients - proprietors of plastic cards, to multiply the volume of sales and take advantage of the credit and other programs of our bank.

November 20, 2009

Jule 28, 2009


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