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Documentary operations

One of spheres of our activity is operations, with the use of document letters of credit in international calculations. Application of document form calculations and their combining allows to do the pay terms of foreign trade contracts more flexible, reliable and maximally comfortable for point-of-sale partners. We recommend, formulating the pay terms of contract, to choose the letter of credit form of calculations. Taking into account subtleties and difficult enough mechanism of letter of credit form of calculations, importance of strengthening of positions of bank in its application, a currency department is rendered to help clients on all questions.

JSCB «Investbank» offers clients to use the document letter of credit, possessing the row of undoubted advantages compared to other forms of calculations.

Document letter of credit
  • is used by participants of VED of entire countries of the world, having the banking system;
  • it is one of forms of international credit, given a salesman to the buyer;
  • easily combines creditings with other forms (bank crediting, forfeyting, etc.);
  • assumes the flexible terms of payment, which enable and grant of advance for a buyer postponement of payment for a salesman;
  • contains the guarantee of payment for a salesman outside of issuing bank,a in the case of confirmed letter of credit-so parties of confirmative bank reputation of which is not exposed to the doubt;
  • can be used in any international agreements, supposing money calculations;

    The document letters of credit, opened on errand or in behalf on the clients of Bank, submit the Compatible rules and consuetudes on the document letters (publication of International Chamber of commerce ) of credit and International rules on the reserve letters of credit.

    Services to the exporters at calculations on an export
    In a period from a moment opening before completion of calculations on the letter of credit of Bank accompanies all operation, carrying out in accordance with the tariffs of Bank:
  • preliminary advising of letter of credit;
  • transmission of complete terms of letter of credit;
  • growth of sums of letter of credit;
  • change of terms, extensions of term of action of letter of credit;
  • reception, verification of documents;
  • negotiation of documents;
  • return of documents, not proper to the terms of letter of credit;
  • query of Bank about possibility of reception of documents with divergences;
  • cancellation of letter of credit before the term;
  • acceptance of bills of exchange;
  • transmission of letter of credit on execution and executions of commissions to other banks on such letters of credit;
  • confirmation of letter of credit;

    Services to the importers at calculations on an import:
  • opening of letter of credit;
  • increase of sum and prolongation of letter of credit;
  • changes of terms of letter of credit;
  • payment on the letter of credit, including verification of documents;
  • annulment of letter of credit before an expiration of term of his action;
  • return of improperly-shaped documents.

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