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Structure and contacts

 JSCB «Investbank»

Postal address: Bolshaya Arnautskaya str., 2B, Odessa, Ukraine, 65125
Electronic address NBU: UPIJ
E-mail:                                                      Skypeinvestbank_odessa
Number of VAT payer registration certificate: 40371623
Individual tax number: 209356415017
IFO: 328210
Code CCCE: 20935649
Telex: 232232 IBAN
BIC code (non-SWIFT): INJOUA21
Reception: t. (048) 722-21-44, f. (048) 722-21-44

The chairman of the board —
Reznichenko Elena Nikolaevna
Tel.: 728-74-75

First deputy chairman of the board —
Shafranova Natalia Aleksandrovna
Tel.: 725-04-55

The deputy chairman of the board - head of department of internal bank securite —
Chernyavskiy Valeriy Mikhailovich
Tel.: 722-39-97

The deputy chairman of the board-
Kolesnichenko Ilona Igorevna
Tel.: 728-72-75

The chief accountant —
Parasich Elena Vladimirovna
Tel.: 728-74-50

The deputy chief accountant —
Voloshko Larisa Antonovna
Tel.: 724-67-90

The manager of the currency department —
Bolshakov Sergei Vladimirovich
Tel.: 728-74-40

The manager of the credit and investment department —
Brusnikina Elena Urievna
Tel.: 728-74-43

The manager of the department of money turnover and cash operations —
Kotys Ekaterina Nikolaevna
Tel.: 728-74-44

The manager of the department of risk analysis and management — 
Medenickaya Natalia Alekseevna
Tel.: 724-39-60

The manager of the law department —
Pavlenko Maxim Victorovich
Tel.: 724-31-21

The manager of the computerization department —
Reveko Tatyana Sergeevna
Tel.: 728-74-42

November 20, 2009

Jule 28, 2009


Main office

Ukraine, Odessa, Bolshaya Arnautskaya str., 2B

(048) 722 21 44



Currency rate

PJSS "CB "Investbank" for 09.07.2012
Currency Purchase Sale NBU
USD 8.08 8.125 7.9930000
EUR 9.90 10.05 9.8929360
RUB 0.24 0.246 0.2450000

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